Acid Washing & Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning Sunshine Coast

Want to bring your tile surface or stone surface back to brilliance? The experienced cleaners of Rockets Cleaning Services are ready to give your floors and other surfaces, the deep cleaning they need, removing all the grease and dirt dulling their shine.

We use the best cutting-edge machinery and advanced cleaning techniques to rejuvenate your floors, counters, and any other tiling cleaning your Sunshine Coast home needs. From the bathroom to the kitchen, the entryway to the outdoors, Rockets Cleaning Services can remove the dirt, grime, and grit, shining your surfaces and protecting them, too.

Whether you are looking for an annual cleaning of your tile surface or professional deep cleaning of stubborn grout surface debris, Rockets will get the job gone right every time.

Call us today at 0412 585 337 for a tile and grout cleaning quote or for more information about the other cleaning services we offer.

Professional Tile Cleaning on the Sunshine Coast

Rockets Cleaning Services is an industry leader in home and professional commercial cleaning for all tiled, stoned, and grouted surfaces in your home or commercial property.

With more than 1000psi, high-pressure water blasts out the dirt, grime, and grit embedded in the grout of your tiled or stoned surfaces.

The high-heat steam extraction gets deep into the pores of the tiles and the grout to reach the lodged in debris and dirt. Once complete, your tiled and stoned surface looks new again.

Acid Washing for Tiles

The grout that surrounds ceramic and porcelain tile contains some cement, making it difficult to restore. Acid washing is a cleaning process used to remove calcium carbonate and limescale on these tiled and stoned surfaces.

Different types of acids clean grout, including citric, glycolic, phosphoric, and sulfamic. The most commonly used is urea hydrochloride because it removes sediments in the grout the most effectively.

To properly get in and clean the grout, you need to wash surface soils away thoroughly. An alkaline grout cleaner will get into those surfaces and release the dirt, followed by a high-pressure rinse to blast the debris out and clear it away.

The acid does not technically clean the grout. Instead, it etches the surface of the grout, bringing up a lower layer that is free from contaminants.

Our cleaners will brush the surface aggressively to speed up this process. Once we rinse away the etched layer, the acid needs neutralising with the same alkaline spray used earlier to continue to erode the grout.

Now that the grout renewed, the surface needs sealing.

Grout Sealing

Once the cleaning and renewal are complete, we seal the surface to prevent further dirt and debris from dulling and damaging the surface. This treatment also makes cleaning your surfaces easier and helps to extend the life of your floors, counters, and bath or shower surrounds.

Over time, sealer can wear down, but it can last up to a year with proper care, depending on how much the surface is walked on and used.

What We Can Clean For You

Rockets Cleaning Services cleans a range of tiled and stone-covered surface throughout your home or commercial property, including:

  • Kitchen backsplashes.
  • Counters in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Tiled bathroom surrounds in the shower or bathtub area.
  • Tiled floors.

We also clean ceramic tile, limestone tile, and paving stones used indoors or outdoors. If you have tiled or stone surfaces that require special care, just let us know, and we’ll help you find the best options to clean them safely and effectively.

For more information about the acid washing and tile cleaning Sunshine Coast homes need, call Rockets Cleaning Services at 0412 585 337 today!

We are well experienced at cleaning tiles natural stones and builders cleaning to remove excess cement grout . We are equipped with cutting edge machinery and trained tile cleaning technicians to perform an effective and high quality job to your home or commercial premises.

  • We are ISO Certified
  • $20 million Public Liability Insured
  • Police Cleared Cleaners.
  • Client Specific Availability.
  • We Use Eco Friendly Tile Cleaning Products.
  • We Use the Latest Tile Cleaning Equipment.
  • Our Cleaning Technicians are Fully Trained Technicians.
  • We are Industry Leaders For Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Requirements.
  • After Hours and Weekends Cleaning at No Cost Difference.

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