Carpet Dry Cleaning Sunshine Coast

When you think of dry cleaning, your carpets may not be the first thing that comes to mind! Carpet dry cleaning is fast, efficient and can be done regularly without harming the carpet’s pile or damaging the colour in any way. At Rockets Cleaning Services, our experienced team of carpet cleaners know how to properly prep and clean your carpet or rug. Whether you need a small rug cleaned or a complete wall-to-wall carpet dry cleaning, Sunshine Coast specialists Rockets Cleaning Service is ready to care for your treasured rugs and carpets. We understand how important your carpets and rugs are to you. They need to be cleaned and cared for and carpet dry cleaning will do just that. Your carpets will be dirt free and soft after we clean your carpet, saving you time and money now. Call us today on 0412 585 337 for the Sunshine Coast’s most reasonable carpet cleaning quote.

The Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

We use special chemicals that require little or no moisture. These ‘low moisture’ chemicals, or VLMs, include different biodegradable substances that break down dust and dirt particles and lift them from the carpet fibres. There are many ways to dry clean a carpet, but all begin with a pre-inspection. We walk through, carefully examining the carpet for any stains or spots that need extra care or treatment. This treatment will help us when we place the dry cleaning compound on the carpet. Next, we vacuum the carpet, removing the surface dust so that the chemicals can properly infiltrate the carpet. Nearly 80% of the dust and dirt on a carpet are on the surface, so removing that layer helps the compound chemicals penetrate more effectively. You should remove all the furniture from the room because if any dry cleaning compound gets into contact, it will attract dust and dirt requiring special cleaning for the furniture.

How to Get The Carpet Ready For Dry Cleaning

Getting the carpet ready for the chemical compound takes a few steps:
    • Pre-spray to remove carpet stains.
    • Pre-spotting, to treat tough stains.
    • Pre-grooming, to loosen the soil layer and raise the pile so the chemicals can get through easily.
Now the carpet is ready for the dry cleaning compound application. We lightly spread it all over using a rotary brush to massage it into the fibres. After 30-40 minutes when the chemical has absorbed the dirt from the carpet, we brush away the excess and vacuum it thoroughly. All the compound must come up or it will continue to absorb dirt, making the carpet dirty again. Once vacuumed, we will address any remaining stains. If there is any moisture remaining in the carpet, post-grooming helps the fibres stay in the proper position as they dry, and fans can help dry the carpet quickly. We follow up at the end with a final inspection, checking that we have removed all the particles and stains and everything is looking its best!

What Other Items Can We Clean For You?

Carpets are not the only thing we can dry clean for you! At Rockets Cleaning Services, our highly skilled team of cleaners can apply dry cleaning techniques to clean your furniture, curtains, even cleaning a mattress! Dry cleaning is an easy way to remove dirt and debris from soft surfaces without damaging the materials and causing colour bleed or shrinkage. If you need a skilled cleaning professional to clean your carpet or want more information about carpet dry cleaning, Sunshine Coast’s premier cleaners Rockets Cleaning Service is ready to help you. Give us a call today on 0412 585 337!

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