Upholstery Cleaning Sunshine Coast

If your couch looks tired and dingy, you probably don’t need to buy a new one just yet!

A thorough, deep upholstery cleaning rejuvenates your furniture, pulling out the dirt and renewing its condition.

Rockets Cleaning Services uses the latest cleaning tools and materials to clean your soft furniture surfaces deeply.

Utilising different size machines, we can access those hard to reach areas, getting all the dirt and debris out so that you can be confident your furniture is as clean as new.

We understand that just because a surface looks clean, it doesn’t mean it is clean. That’s why we at Rockets Cleaning Services make sanitising and deodorising part of every job we do.

Your furniture not only looks clean but smells clean and is microbe-free.

Whether your couch, lounge, or armchair is stained or dulled by years of use, Rockets treats your furniture with care.

Call us today at 0412 585 337 for an upholstery cleaning job on the Sunshine Coast or for a fast quote.

What are Our Upholstery Cleaning Techniques?

At Rockets, we clean your couch in different ways depending on the type of upholstery used and the degree of staining or soiling.

The Upholstery Steam Clean!

If your couch is worn, heavily stained, or soiled, steam cleaning is by far the best option. We begin the cleaning process by mixing a pre-treatment for stains on the fabric, then deep cleaning with hot water.

We include sanitising and deodorising solutions to ensure we remove all strong odours and microbial pollutants during the extraction.

Once the furniture is clean, we protect it with a stain-resistant fabric treatment which will help prevent staining from spills or other substances.

Drying time may take up to 6 hours depending on things such as the type of upholstery, the ventilation and humidity in the room and the weather.

The Upholstery Dry Clean

Some upholstery fabrics are too delicate to be cleaned with steam or other substances.

These fabrics are often non-colourfast and could deteriorate with water-based methods. For these types of furniture, a dry clean is necessary.

Dry cleaning is one of the safest cleaning methods even though some solvents can damage latex coatings and  adhesives.

Dry cleaning solvents will dissolve the dirt and oils embedded in the upholstery fabric while avoiding the bleeding, browning, and shrinkage that may occur with steam cleaning.

Dry cleaning is not the best choice for fabric that is very dirty or for fabric that is water-stained.

Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather upholstery requires special detergents and conditioners to clean it without causing damage and degradation to the material.

Rockets Cleaning Services has the skill and knowledge, along with the specific tools and cleaners, to care for your leather furniture, even hard-to-clean white leather.

Before we begin cleaning your leather furniture, we will test on a small patch of the fabric that is predominantly out of sight.

This test is to ensure that the cleaning agents will not harm the fabric.

Then, we rub on the cleaning detergent until it absorbs all dirt and contaminants from the leather surface. A soft cloth, preferably cotton, wipes away any residue

We use a leather rejuvenator at the end to perfect the finish and polish your leather couch, armchair, or footstool to a beautiful sheen.

Leather cleaning does not require drying time because moist products do not clean the leather.

What Furniture Can WeClean For You?

At Rockets Cleaning Services, we understand that the dirt you see is just the beginning. Mould spores, dust and microbes can all be trapped in your upholstered furniture, releasing into the air every time someone sits or moves.

We clean a range of upholstered furniture, including:

  • Sofa sets
  • Lounges
  • Chairs
  • Leather furniture
  • Curtains
  • Mattresses

For more information about upholstery cleaning, Sunshine Coast style, call Rockets Cleaning Services at 0412 585 337 today!

We are specialised in carpet and upholstery cleaning and well experienced in all sort of fabrics and different type of stain removal methods.

We use different size machines to access hard to reach areas. Sanitising to remove all antimicrobial and deodorising is just a part of the job.

Quick drying time and quality is guaranteed!

  • We are ISO Certified
  • $20 million Public Liability Insured
  • Police Cleared Cleaners
  • Client Specific Availability
  • We Use Eco Friendly Tile Cleaning Products
  • Latest Equipment
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