High Pressure Window Cleaning Sunshine Coast


Rockets Cleaning Service offers the most comprehensive high-pressure window cleaning the Sunshine Coast has to offer.


Our customer service and affordable prices have helped us become the region’s most respected surface cleaning company.


Our professional pressure wash experts can take on jobs of all sizes. We use the latest equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to give you the best results without damaging your property. We are committed to providing Sunshine Coast residents and business owners with the best streak-free window cleaning.


Contact us at Rockets Cleaning Service to learn more about our high-pressure cleaning services, including window cleaning, and see how we can help get your windows sparkling in no time.


Three Reasons To Consider High Pressure Wash Cleaning For Your Windows


  • Efficiency: High-pressure window washing gets your windows clean and sparkling faster than hand-cleaning them, and our filtered water and cleaning agents leave your windows streak-free.
  • Safety: High-pressure wash cleaning is done from the ground, keeping cleaners and residents safe and protecting your roof, walls, and whole property from damage.
  • Effectiveness: High-pressure washing cleans windows thoroughly, blasts off set-in debris and substances, and leaves behind a beautiful shine without the need for ladders and polishing cloths.


Why Choose Us Rockets Cleaning Service


Rockets Cleaning Service’s window washing services are focused on getting your windows clean and sparkling while also protect you and your property. We use the most skilled and well-trained cleaners around to clean your windows, and our cleaners are all cleared by police for your safety and security.


Before we begin the pressure washing, we check the seals around the windows and ensure that they are sealed shut and closed so that water doesn’t penetrate your home during the washing. We also clear away debris on the windows close to the casing, such as strands of vines, insects, or bird nests.


High-pressure washing itself is a simple process. We use specially formulated cleaning solutions that are guaranteed to clean your windows while also being eco-friendly. The intensity of the spray varies to suit the individual needs of your windows. Once the windows are cleaned and rinsed, you have clear, streak-free glass.


We at Rockets Cleaning Service also understand that privacy is important to you. Therefore, we consider all your privacy concerns when high-pressure washing your windows and ensure that you are comfortable and not inconvenienced during the process.


What We Can Clean For You


Rocket’s Cleaning Service is an expert in window cleaning, from private homes and apartment buildings to offices and retail stores. We offer high-pressure washing services for all types of windows and can schedule your windows for regular cleaning and care year-round. Our team dedicates themselves to stellar service and always leaves our customers happy with their window results.


Certified and insured, Rockets offers you peace of mind when you need your window cleaned. With top ratings for safety and high-quality results, it is easy to see why we are the premier high-pressure window cleaners on the Sunshine Coast.


If your Sunshine Coast home’s windows need a good cleaning, or if any part of your property requires a thorough high-pressure washing, Rocket’s can help you out. Our high-pressure washing cleaners can not only service your windows, but your entire home and property, blasting away dirt, debris, mould, and grime from your home’s walls, your driveway, your patio, or deck, all with efficiency and skill.


For more information about our high-pressure washing services or arrange an appointment to have your windows cleaned by our high-pressure wash professionals, give Rockets Cleaning Service a call today at 0412 585 337!

Rockets cleaning services is offered expert high pressure cleaning around the Sunshine coast. With more than 26 years’ experience we able to provide you full pressure cleaning solutions, including concrete slabs and mold, grime, oil, rust, dirt and even grease.

We use modern high tech  equipment for every job, therefore we can provide the best quality result for a fair price.

We are ISO Certified

$20 million Public Liability Insured

Police Cleared Cleaners

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