Mould Removal on the Sunshine Coast

With more than 20 years experience on the Sunshine Coast, our team are experts in mould removal. We use specialised equipment to identify the causes of your mould problem, and begin the removal process. Book an appointment to get the help you want today by calling us on 0412 585 337.

Get a Mould Inspection Today

Identifying the problem is step one when you find mould growing in your home, which is why we can perform a mould inspection for you. The inspection allows us to determine how much mould you have on your property.

We’ll check under the floors, behind walls, and in other hard to reach areas. Our mould removal experts will provide you with a quote after the inspection.

We believe that you should know what you’re facing when you decide to act on mould removal on the Sunshine Coast to not face any surprises along the way.

During the inspection, we also consider the causes of the mould. Mould often thrives in environments that are damp and dark, such as bathrooms.

You may also discover mould growth after a water damage event, such as a flood, toilet overflow, or burst pipe.

Treat Mould Completely

There are many different strains of mould. Some cause serious respiratory ailments such as black mould.

Other strains of mould are not as dangerous to your health, but they can still cause damage to the building materials of your home or business.

Our mould removal services on the Sunshine Coast can help you get rid of all forms of mould. We use special equipment to locate all areas affected by mould, which can help prevent the infestation from reoccurring.

Our team uses anti-microbial cleaners to handle visible mould growth and destroy mould spores which are often invisible to the naked eye. We also take steps to eliminate mould stains in the affected area, returning your property to pristine condition.


Handle a Mould Infestation Safely

For forms of mould that are dangerous to people, we use personal protective gear to handle mould cleaning safely.

Our crews can quarantine areas of your property affected by mould growth to keep spores from circulating to other areas.

We advise against you trying to clean up black mould on your own. This kind of mould is toxic, and you should avoid inhaling the spores as much as possible. We treat black mould carefully to remove it from your property. Our crews also dispose of all items infested with black mould for you. We understand the proper procedures to get rid of a mould outbreak.


Target the Causes of a Mould Outbreak

We understand that taking care of mould removal is only one part of the mould removal process. Our experts can directly address the reason for your mould outbreak to reduce the chance of another infestation.

Our crew can help you determine if you need assistance with leaking pipes or issues with drainage. It’s also possible for mould spores to enter through your air conditioning system.

We can take care of this problem with duct cleaning, which also removes:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pet danger
  • Allergens
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses


Contact Us for Mould Removal

Book us now for mould removal on the Sunshine Coast by contacting Rockets Cleaning Services. Reaching our experienced mould cleanup crews is easy. You may speak to a representative by calling 0412 585 337. We handle both residential and commercial mould removal, so reach out to us now.

Rockets cleaning is able to solve you mould problem quickly and efficiently.  Rockets cleaning has expert skill to perform professional  mould removal work to you property to your full satisfaction. Give us call to discuss mould problem then we decide the best solution to do your requirement. Rockets cleaning has qualified  staff  to handle mould removal with our 24 x 7 emergency service.

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