Strip and Seal Sunshine Coast

Sealants protect terrazzo and vinyl floors. However, this sealant wears out over time and needs replacement with a fresh coat. Rockets Cleaning Services offers strip and seal services on the Sunshine Coast for residential and commercial properties. We take care of professional stripping and cleaning for you. We have years of experience in the industry that we’ll put to work for you. You can get the help you want by calling us at 0412 585 337.


Reasons To Strip and Seal Your Floor

You count on sealants to protect your floor from wear and tear. A proper coat of sealant gives your floor protection from scratches and is an important part of maintenance. You should consider reapplying sealant regularly to maintain this protection.Businesses and commercial properties need high-quality strip and seal services at different intervals. Generally, you want to consider stripping and sealing every year or two for commercial properties and every three to ten years for residential properties.Get quality service with stripping and sealing your floors right now by reaching out to our highly trained crews.


Strip and Seal Process

The strip and seal process on the Sunshine Coast begins with an inspection. Our ISO-certified crews will come out to your business or residential property to assess the state of your floor and the kind of tile you have in the building.We then offer you an estimate on the cost to strip and seal on the Sunshine Coast. You can use this estimate to make plans to set up your cleaning services.


Strip Services on the Sunshine Coast

We need to get rid of the old sealant before applying a new layer to your floors. To do this, our crews use eco-friendly products to clean the tile and the latest equipment to get the sealant off of your floor. Note that we do not begin stripping the sealant right away. First, our crew will:

  • Shift furniture
  • Tape off areas around the sealant
  • Vacuum and sweep

After handling the above steps, our crew applies a stripping solution. The solution needs to remain on your floor for a time to soften up the sealant. After the sealant softens, we use a special extraction machine to remove the sealant from the floor.


Sealant Services for Your Property

Once your floor is professionally cleaned and stripped, we apply a neutralising agent and allow the surface to dry. We cannot apply the new seal coat while your floor is still wet or it will not work properly. Finally, our crew puts a new sealant on your floor in multiple layers. The minimum number of layers is three, which offers your floors basic protection. However, many experts recommend that you apply at least eight coats of sealant to your floor to give it the best protection possible.


Seal Any Floor on the Sunshine Coast

Our team understands the flooring needs of different properties, including:

  • Restaurants and pubs
  • Shopping centres
  • Factories

We adjust our services to ensure that we handle your exact needs, regardless of the kind of business you operate. We can also take care of residential properties. We make sure that you understand all steps of the strip and seal process so that you don’t have any surprises as we get your floors ready for long-term use.


Contact Us for Strip and Seal Services

Take care of protecting your floors by contacting Rockets Cleaning Services for assistance. We’re easy to reach when you call 0412 585 337. We can strip and seal floors on the Sunshine Coast, protecting them from scratches and other damage. 

Yellowish, worn and faded floor is not only unsightly these can can also be slippery and unsafe. Our technicians are experts at sealing, Timber, Tiles, vinyl stone, concrete and all sorts of floors. We are using only the best stripping chemicals and sealers in the industry. Affordable price and all works are guaranteed.

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